Maria Theresa Barbist was born in Schwaz, Austria and lives and works in Miami, Florida. She translates traumatic memories and emotional states into performative actions, moving pictures and sculptural objects. Barbist holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Innsbruck and received her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. 

Selected Solo exhibitions include KINDERLAND (2019), Taplin Gallery, Miami, Florida, FADENSPIELE (2015) Swenson Gallery, Miami, Florida and LEBENSBILDER – Life in Pictures (2013), Studio 16 Gallery, San Francisco, California. Selected group exhibitions include at the Diego Rivera Gallery, ‘Echoes: From There To Here’ (2019), at the Neue Galerie Home Is Where The Heart Is (2018) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami Intersectionality in South Florida (2016).

Friday, Feb 10, 2023

expanding and contracting w/ Maria Theresa Barbist


Anna Miorelli was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She holds two master’s degrees: one in Landscape Architecture and one in Anthropology. These fields have deeply influenced her self-taught artistic practice. She began painting during her 5 year stay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2018. Her work uses expressive symbols which hold compound, ambiguous meanings, both personal and collective.

Her artistic practice is deeply monastic, like a nun or a priestess, in its devotion to something greater, being channeled through her, rather than identifying with the works being created out of her own design. She sees painting and walking as modes through which to communicate and create relationships between worlds of the interior unconscious and the everyday material world. She sees her practice as a bridge between these elements. A soulful practice

Monday, Jan 9, 2023

received inner visions w/ Anna Miorelli


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