sound-signals came from the need to connect with peers all across the globe. In line with this ambitious project sharing various topics with the public provides an archive of information for people to listen to and learn from. It’s important to create a space for information to flourish because it allows for it to be used to acquire a skill or reach a goal, it can also be used to generate ideas as well and, most importantly, it is to have individuals feel supported. By bringing unique guests with informed perspectives about creativity of all types of endeavors, the goal is to help generate new information while activating your brain.

As we all know, the pandemic has created some restrictions upon traveling, but it has allowed for methods of communication to develop and facilitate new connections. This archive aims to build a community while at the same time allowing for research to divulge. I’m hoping to have artist, musicians, novelist and activist to discuss ideas that are crucial, important and relevant to contemporary society.


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